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Shop School: Crowdfunding 101


Learning, sharing, and creating: this is Shop School. Through workshops, classes, and informational series focused on skill building and development, Shop School--a division of Incumaker's Creative Lab--is an educational program dedicated to the growth and success of makers and entrepreneurs.

"You've got a great idea and it needs to come to market. What next?" In this workshop we explore crowdfunding as a tool for unprecedented growth while minimizing risk. Grow your idea by learning how to model your campaign for success. Join successful crowd-funders as they share their insight and help you plan for growth.

Develop Your Story & Build Your Pitch

Meet the facilitators:

Adam Wilk runs Northbound Notebooks, a Makerspace North based startup just under a year old. Leveraging crowdfunding through Indiegogo, he raised nearly 400% of his funding goal and continues to earn an income through his Shopify storefront. He has a background in tech facilitation and adult learning.

Evan Bourns runs Random Acts of Fitness, an initiative to help educate and encourage people to get out, do things, and stay healthy. By crowdfunding via Kickstarter, Evan raised over $10,000 to launch his business and help nearly 100 people get involved.

Develop Your Story Through this Workshop and Here's How:

The big brand ideaWho, what, where, when, why, and how?
Who cares? Finding focus for your idea.
CommunityCreating something viral. Why and how you need to get people talking.
ConstraintsUnseen issues for anyone looking to run a successful campaign
Creating copyHow to write well, or find someone who does. It's the most important skill. 
Pre, during, and post-launch practices: What to expect, and how to handle it.
Case studiesNorthbound Notebooks, Random Acts of Fitness
How to compare & analyze other campaigns
How to build a killer video: If you don't have one, you won't succeed. Period.
The keys to making a video in-depthHow to structure your content, how to film it, making something professional, utilizing humour and a strong call to action.

Developing engaging perks and tiers

Designing your crowdfunding page to drive engagement

Setting your goals and style of funding

Researching and preparing for shipping, taxes, fulfillment, and....chaos.

Bonus: Mentor Hours will be avaialble with by appointment with Adam Wilk on Monday evenings after the workshop plus there will be a special Kickstarter video package avaialble to attendees.

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