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Rise of the Young Pros

Tickets are $20

Welcome to The Young Pros, where together, We Rise.
We believe that within us, we all have our own unique talents that we consider SUPER POWERS. 
We created YoungPros to cultivate those superpowers, and support you in shaping them so you can use them to build the life you dream of. 

Our event is focused on 4 superpowers;
Entrepreneurship, Empowerment, Online Marketing, and Spiritual Wellness.

We bring in experts in each of these fields to share their experiences and knowledge for you to learn and grow from.
Along with 4 speakers, we bring you a panel of Heart Center Leaders celebrating their journeys and gain valuabe insights through their experiences.

Break-out sessions where we learn to connect deeper with our community, and begin taking ACTION towards your dreams.

With these strengths, YOU will have what it takes to lead your life, and the lives of others, to any destination.

Our events happen monthly, and are the perfect place for you to learn, connect, be empowered and take action.

Speaker lineup:

1) Chris Messenger
Commitment to excellece is what drives Chris Messenger to continue to push himself and those around to acheive tremendous sucess in all aspects of life.

Chris Messaenger has an extensive background in human psychology and performance with over 12+ years of experience training and developing thousands all over the world. His expertise stems from training professional athletes to high level buisness executives, to helping people generate millions of dollars as well as working with milennials on what it takes to achieve their goals and live the life of their dreams.

No matter what the goal is Chris can help you get there!

2) Chris Wyllie
Chris Wyllie is THE BRAIN MAN. Through his speeches, practice, programs and 1-on-1 coaching, Chris is pioneering approaches that unite Eastern and Western Science to take your Health, Brainpower, Cognition, Consciousness, Learning Abilities & Performance to the next dimension. Chris has transformed his own brain and health, and has gone from extreme anxiety and panic attacks and being hospitalized, 30 pounds under-weight after 3 straight panic attacks and frying his brain with stimulants and drugs, and out-of-control behaviour to now “THE BRAIN MAN” and Leading Brain Education & Optimization Expert. For the past six years Chris has been on a mission to learn everything possible about how the brain works and how to optimize the Brain. Chris is now being sought after by corporations, professionals and individuals as the leading Brain and Health Optimization Expert.

Chris is a Neuroplastician, Master Practitioner and Licensed Trainer of Neuro-lingusitic Programming, Hypnotist, and is mentored by and works with Dr. Richard Bandler, the Creator of Neurolinguistic Programming. As well, Chris has personally learned and trained with several distinguished Neurosurgeons and Neuroscientists.

Online Marketing:

3) Jamil Bhuya
Jamil is a serial entrepreneur that loves creating brands that form an emotional bond with people through social media. Having travelled to 20 countries, he loves to experience new cultures and cuisines. He founded Burgers n' Fries Forever (2 locations - Centretown and Byward Market) and co-founded YLLO Turmeric Scrub.

Spiritual Wellness:
4) Corey Sheikh

Corey Sheikh is a 26 year old young spiritual visionary entrepreneur, healer and guide. After co-founding the Ottawa Lifestyle Center at the age of 20, Sheikh faced countless business obstacles leading to a profound spiritual awakening, opening into a new world of meditation, holistic healing, spiritual study & introspection. A process in which led him to healing a lifetime of suffering from anxiety, depression and various other ailments. While also uncovering his purpose as a way-shower in the realms of heart centered entrepreneurship, holistic healing and a new model of self realization in which he calls the INFINITE Teachings. Sheikh has moved forward to provide 1-on-1 sessions, workshops, and retreats for individuals needing assistance through their process of inner and outer transformation. His mission is to bring modern practicality to the timeless wisdom of our past teachers.

To Learn More visit his home website:
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Our Power Panel:

1) Matthew Brittw Britt - CEO of Lets Hug It Out

2) Steve Turliuke Turliuk- Founder of Toke

3) Michael Alexander ReidReid- VP of Clever Print

4) Jessika Lacroix- Founder of No Bad Days

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