Shop School: Merchandising and Sales for Makers

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Learning, sharing, and creating: this is Shop School. Through workshops, classes, and informational series focused on skill building and development, Shop School--a division of Incumaker's Creative Lab--is an educational program dedicated to the growth and success of makers and entrepreneurs.

Markets + Trade Shows are your time to connect with people. You have 6 hours to get out, tell your story, showcase your brand and sell it to the potential customers that are walking by.

  • Do you know how to set up your display creatively to suit your brand?
  • Are you maximizing your efforts each moment you are presented with customers?
  • Are your sales where you want them to be and do you know what your goals are?
  • Are you achieving your profit goals at each event and getting your product into the world?

This two-part course is designed to help you make the most of the time you have to connect with your customers in two of the most important ways: merchandising and salesmanship.

The interactive merchandising portion of the course will go over dynamic ways to set up your display. We'll look at creative ways to look past the simple "table" strategy, and discuss how to create your own little shop that highlights your brand.

Salesmanship is an art that must be practiced and that must talk a consistent language about your brand- in this part of the course we will go over the critical steps in the sales process so that every person that you speak to is a potential sales opportunity. We will discuss how to overcome the hardest parts of the sales process, role play (only if you're comfortable!), and how to make sure your sales game is on point before each and every market.

May 10
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May 17
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