Collision & Collaboration behind Outpost 18

When you are an Ottawa-based game designer, how do you stick out from the crowd? How does a little Canadian outfit reach and impress hundreds and thousands of customers in just a few days?

For Adam and Mike, it started at Makerspace North.

“I met Mike at one of the spring craft markets at MSN,” says Adam. “His work is awesome -- the bits of detailing and the unique mix of materials and colours spoke to me instantly. It’s an extremely distinctive style. We took some time to chat, and I knew we had to do something together. It just so happened that I had a project in mind.”

Outpost 18 is a 18-card strategy game that fits in an envelope sleeve. Looking for a unique and personal option, Adam was set on making leather sleeves in-house, and laser etching them at Makerspace North. But after sampling his products and styles, Mike was the natural fit.

Each sleeve is hand-crafted and cut from full grain leather, and then etched with each backer’s information and backer number.

The collaboration is unique, and provides a one-of-a-kind keepsake for supporters from all over the world.

This video showcases the unique stitching and multicolored design on each game sleeve. It’s big enough to comfortable fit the 18 cards and rules. Due to the nature of the material, the inner grain of the hide prevents cards from sliding out and all over.

Put simply, it just works.

You can find Mike’s designs at:

You can follow along with Outpost 18 at:

So how’d it go?

Outpost 18 hit its modest funding goal in less than two hours, and has rocketed along to nearly 500 backers after five days of campaign time. The premium leather option has been popular and has sold nearly 40 units in that time frame. The collaboration has helped the project jump from a personal project to the makings of a brand.

“Makerspace North is the natural fit for getting this up and running. We met here, we prototype here, we exchange ideas here, and we’ll warehouse and ship games out from here. It’s got everything I need to get this project off the ground.”

You can check out Outpost 18 on kickstarter until August 5.

And you can find Mike over at @manlymandesigns on instagram.