Community, creativity, and collisions are what Makerspace is built on.

More than just a cool space, we provide opportunities for people to learn, experience something new, meet and work with like-minded creators, and find unexpected collaborations in an environment with a supportive community that is happy to share ideas and resources and celebrate wins.

Our mandate is to create an inspired, vibrant, and supportive space where the entrepreneurial spirit thrives and inventive pursuits materialize.

Sheri Chiprout, Managing Director.

Coming to us from an events background, Sheri is a connector who wants to see Makerspace North flourish with creators, innovators and those bringing in good vibes. With a mantra of 'meeting people where they are', Sheri supports all areas of growth within the space and partnership development.        




Danielle Taillon,
Project and Admin Coordinator. 

Danielle has a keen eye for detail and she's passionate about helping others achieve their goals and keeping everyone up to date with what's going on. When she has a spare moment, you'll find her trying to build things to make the space pop.

Makerspace North Ottawa Director Sheri Chiprout